Efren Rodriguez CPT.

March, 16, 2020

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The most modifiable and significant factor in maintaining resilience towards infection and maintaining a strong immune system is lifestyle.

Due to the uncertainty of what has come upon us, I wanted to put my two cents on how you can help your body kick the coronavirus' ass.   

  1. Lifesyle

       Immune supporting choices such as adequate sleep, stress management and physical activity should be prioritized. Your ally in maintaining a strong immune system will be a nutrient-dense diet that prioritizes high-quality produce. You shouldn’t only practice this when there is a viral outbreak. But it should be the foundation of your day, every single day.

2. Ondulating Workouts

     Training at high intensities for long periods of time your body will be working so hard to recover from your workouts, that it can possibly take away from your immune system. However a well balanced program can even boost your body’s immunity. Modifying your workouts frequently promote adaptability. A loss of it, leads to impairment, which can lead to sickness. Regardless of where you’re training, alternate between high-intensity, moderate-intensity, and low-intensity workouts. Lastly, if you are not well-versed on the CDC’s necessary safety precautions, here is a link to their page with all the prevention information available up to date:


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