• Efren

3 Ways to Achieve a Work-Life-Workout Balance

Attaining work-life-workout balance is a crucial part of high performers, those who take their day to day action very seriously. They don't mess around with their time because they know the number of hours in a day is limited. Having a fulfilling personal life, a fitness goal and and an already packed work schedule is challenging, but with the right preparation, reflection and focus, it can be done.

This is how:

  1. Willpower is stronger in the morning. Before getting out of bed reflect a few minutes on your long term fitness goals, and visualize how you'll feel once you have accomplished them. Reflection and immediate action are great for bringing synergy to your life. That’s why sports performance coaches recommend morning workouts, right after your reflection ritual (reflection → action)

  1. Set reminders on your phone so you're reminded every morning. You should also visualize getting through the tough stuff. Visualizing challenges takes away the element of surprise, and you'll still go even when things are very difficult.

  1. For the non-professional athlete, fitness achievements aren't the only things you're working towards, you also have work, and personal goals in life. It's very easy to let the concerns of one thing seep into another. Sports psychologists recommend switching gears. Before leaving work write down what you did and what you didn’t accomplish that day, making you less apt to linger. If something didn't go quite right, write down what you learned from the experience, and what you can do next time to make it better. For example, if your workouts left you extremely sore during work, write down your intention to foam roll, stretch and ask your trainer for recovery techniques. When you write it down, you unload it, and free up mental space for the upcoming challenges.

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