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Learn and put into use our latest rule from the Fortza Fit Rules of Nutrition to get into your best shape yet, and feel your body function at the peak of its powers. These rules support cell health, and this increase your energy capabilities, while decreasing inflammation and acidity. This results in a truly younger, healthier and happier you, and a metabolic system that runs smoothly. Here's the next rule of the Fortza Fit Nutrition Philosophy, rule number four:

Have you ever gone to the gym, only to be unable to complete your workout or boot camp? How about finishing a great sweat session only to be completely depleted and ready to take a nap? The main reason for this might be that you're not "fueling properly". Eating right is essential to get the results you want, but your pre and post-workout meals play a crucial part in your performance at the gym, specially to improve your performance, or make the gains your working out so hard for.

Exercise tears down unadapted muscle, and makes room for new adapted muscle fibers. This process is called "The Remodeling Method", it's a process that takes months to complete, and eating the wrong types of foods will only make the completion take longer. That means a mix of proper carbs and protein for pre- and post-workout meals.

A pre-workout meal with the right carb:protein ratio can save you from a less-than-stellar workout. Shoot for a 2:1 ratio (30 grams of carbs: 15 grams of protein). If you're an endurance athlete, it should be 3:1. The job of the carbs is to promote a substantial insulin release that will push those carbs and amino acids to your muscles.

If you want to stay energetic after your workout, make sure to consume carbs post-workout too, shoot to do it within 30 minutes of finishing your workout. The post workout meal will help you rebuild the torn muscle fibers, and replenish your muscle glycogen levels. The process of building more muscle by nature degrades the protein in your body, consuming a relatively high amount of protein will keep you off the couch and on to a good productive day. Getting the right fuel for your body will help you stay energetic and in shape the entire year.

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Efren Rodriguez, CPT.

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