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Learn and put into use our latest rule from the Fortza Fit Rules of Nutrition to get into your best shape yet, and feel your body function at the peak of its powers. These rules support cell health, and this increase your energy capabilities, while decreasing inflammation and acidity. This results in a truly younger, healthier and happier you, and a metabolic system that runs smoothly. Here's the next rule of the Fortza Fit Rule of Nutrition number six:

Now that we have settled the importance of vegetables as a primary form of food in every meal, lets focus now on animal proteins. We're talking about beef, pork, poultry and more.

How amazing is protein? Now I'm getting started,

To begin, protein is the most satiating nutrient, it keeps you full longer, and it keeps you away from unhealthy snacks and cravings that go against your fitness goals. Eating protein also has a thermic effect, so you'll burn more calories when digesting them, than when you're digesting fat or carbs. This can bump up your metabolism and decrease the probability of storing fat. Also, protein is essential for muscle growth.

When you get your protein from whole foods instead of supplements, you'll get a natural supply of nutrients such as creatine, branch amino acids, and CLA - which enhance performance, and growth. Consuming protein also increases IGF-1 an anabolic hormone that puts your body in muscle building mode, and it enhances your nitrogen status. When all these benefits are combined with exercise, your growth process and anabolic efficiency will be accelerated, which will show in your workouts and in the mirror.

The key is to eat clean proteins. By clean, I mean lean. When you eat lean, your physique will follow. This doesn't happen only because of the lower calories, but also because of how factory-farm animas are grown. They're blasted full of antibiotics, that can affect your gut flora, and your own hormones.

These animals are fed things that aren't part of their natural diet such as soy, corn, fillers and grain. Their diet causes them inflammation, and their bodies produce arachidonic acid as a byproduct. Then we eat their meat, and our bodies absorb what they've eaten, and also the inflammatory acid. I recommend going for organic, grass fed meats, and wild caught fish.

Practice what we preach, and you will undoubtedly see your body transform into a lean and mean fitness machine.

In good health,

Efren Rodriguez

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