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The Power of Hydration

The Fortza Nutrition Philosophy is composed of twelve rules that when followed, will prime your body to perform at its best. Your body will increase its energy capabilities while decreasing acidity and inflammation. The result will be a younger, healthier, leaner happier you, and a metabolic system that runs smoothly. Here's the next rule of the Fortza Fit Rule of Nutrition number seven:

Have you ever seen a flower wither when it's out of water? It turns brown, it crumples inward, and it loses its vitality and resilience. Your body is as dependent on water as the said plant. In fact, you're about 60% water. You can imagine how dehydration affects you.

Dehydration is not something to take lightly. It indicates that your body doesn't have enough water to carry on with its day to day processes. Even mild dehydration can lead to decreased athletic performance and lethargy. In contrast, optimal hydration will help your body reach optimal metabolic function. Water carries waste away from your cells, and nutrients to them so you can perform through your workout and your workday seamlessly. Optimal hydration keeps your body flexible and alert, physically and mentally.

Hydration helps maintain electrolyte balance, and it keeps your fascia pliable. If fascial tissue becomes dehydrated it will lose elasticity and become rigid, thus increasing the risk of injury.

Water is used by the body in many ways, perspiration, waste elimination, and even breathing. It's paramount to stay on top of your fluid intake. Not just any fluid, it's easy to grab drinks that don't really hydrate - coffee, soda, or an energy drink, these caffeinated drinks actually pull water from your cells, and the sugar-filled drinks increase the inflammatory factors associated with cardiovascular disease. Instead of reaching for those other drinks, think of water first. Eight to 10 glasses a day is the daily recommended amount. Some professionals recommend drinking half your weight in ounces. However there is no exact formula, there are many variables that affect how much water you need, such as the environment and exercise. If it's a hot humid day you will perspire more and require more water to stay hydrated, the same goes for exercise sessions. Listen to your body.

If you prefer your water to be flavored, you can spike your water. Slice lemons and oranges for a citrus blend or try a cucumber-mint mix. You'll feel you're at the spa when you're actually at your desk.

Your goal: Strive for pale or clear urine throughout the day. You'll know your body is hydrated and humming smoothly.

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