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More times than I would like to admit, the microwave is one of my main tools to cook dinner. Bagged frozen vegetables, and grilled chicken from the store. It’s still clean eating. Yet it won’t ever be as delicious as a fresh home cooked meal.  Thankfully, after some experimenting, and cookbook reading, I found a delicious, simple, and super easy way to prepare dinner. Preparation time

5 min. (Yup, 5 minutes) Cooking time

1 hour and 20 minutes

INGREDIENTS: 1 organic or free range chicken 3-3.5 Lb

1 lemon (preferably organic)

salt & pepper


1. Preheat your oven to 475° F / 240° C.

2. Season the chicken by rubbing it with salt and pepper.

3. Wash the lemon, prick it all over with a fork and put it inside the chicken’s cavity.

4. Place the chicken in a roasting tray and put it the oven.

5. Turn the heat down to 400° F / 200° C and cook the chicken for 1 hour 20 min. (as a general rule, calculate a cooking time of 50 min. per kilo).

6. When cooked, let the chicken rest for 10 – 15 min. before serving.

Tips – For best results, make sure chicken is at room temperature . -To have your side dishes ready too cook vegetables with the chicken. My favorite is carrots, sweet potatoes, garlic and thyme, but most vegetables will do great with the chicken. Wash the veggies if necessary, but there is no need to peel them. I chop them roughly and break the garlic into cloves unpeeled and throw everything into the roasting tray with the chicken for the last 25 minutes of cooking.

-The juice from the chicken and lemon will leave an amazing gravy for the veggies. If there is any leftovers from the chicken, they can be turned into a salad, a gluten free sandwich or burger or a soup. Leftovers from the gravy, you can put in the freezer for use later as a base for a stock, soup or gravy.

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