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Soy? RUN!!

Unless you want your nipples to look like Milkduds, and desire to have concentration problems, it’s a good idea to avoid soy products. I’m going to give you seven reasons of why you should avoid Soy

  1. It has phytic acid. Phytic acid has a strong binding affinity to important minerals such as iron and zinc. That means you end up excreting them instead of absorbing them, causing you a deficiency.

  2. It has oxalic acid.  It gives you the same problem than phytic acid, except that oxalic acid prefers calcium and magnesium. Oh and iron too, what a coveted mineral!

  3. GMO. 91% of the soybeans in the market are genetically modified.

  4. It makes men more ladylike. Unless a guy want breasts that look like a sack of potatoes, or want to be sexually dysfunctional, they should avoid it at all costs. It gets much worse if its fed to infants. This is due to the phytoestrogen content.

  5. It slows thyroid function which equals to lower metabolism, which equals to fat gain.

  6. It can cause you to fart “Katrina’s” and create your own personal hole in the ozone layer. That’s due to oligosaccharides, a carbohydrate that is hard for your body to break down.

  7. The way soy is processed, causes leaks of manganese (different from magnesium). High levels of manganese is neurotoxic. Hence the association of soy products with attention deficit disorder.

This are just seven reasons, the list goes on and on. I might have to do a second post with other details about how soy can be harmful. If you have any questions, please send me an email: efren@fortzafittrain.com

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To your new soy-less lifestyle!

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