The Electrophysiology Of Intuition - Introduction

Do you remember the time where you stood or sat next to a complete stranger and for no apparent reason you already did not like the person? You just knew that person was up to no good and wanted nothing to do with him/her?You had a strong negative intuitive feeling in regards to that stranger.

What about experiencing the opposite — where you came across an individual and for no apparent reason feel intrigued by him/her. This doesn't only apply to people, but also to events, or circumstances in life where other people are involved.

We like to call this intuition.

Intuition is misunderstood by most people, we have learned how to ignore our feelings and sensations because they have been thought to have "mystical" or "spiritual" characteristics. In an era where we have been strongly conditioned to only believe what we see as real, we have lost touch with our innate gift of non-verbal energetic forms of communication.

In order for me to successfully help you understand intuition, and make its existence seem obvious, I have to cover various topics.

They are the following:

  1. The Origin of Human Multi-modal Communication

  2. The Heart's Magnetic Field and it's Quantum Properties

  3. The Frequencies of Emotions

  4. Energetic Communication

I will do my best to make my posts concise, clear and brief. Please feel free to comment, ask questions, or even give me contraindicative information if you believe that I have been misleading . My knowledge is limited to the current measuring technologies, and to the latest research. I pride myself in never sharing information that I cannot back up with studies, research or clinical trials.

You won't ever get "bro-science" or information fro personal experience nor hunches.

In good health,

Efren Rodriguez


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