There are many ways of getting your body fat percentage, all of them with their pros and their cons.

Checking body fat percentage using calipers is convenient, inexpensive and simple, but the technician needs at least 50 hours of hands-on experience in order to produce an accurate result. This test cannot be performed with people who are excessively overweight, or those who have skin with excessive elasticity.

Hydrostatic weighing: also known as "underwater weighing" is considered the gold standard in accuracy. To execute the individual is first weighed on dry land, then weighted again underwater, while the subject takes all the air from his lungs. This method is oftentimes expensive and time consuming.

DXA Scan: Stands for Dual-Energy Absorptiomentry. It is performed by a large machine with an arm that branches out over a table where the individual lays. It uses low intensity x-rays. DXA scans are highly accurate, but can be expensive. The preparation is much less than for Hydrostatic weighing, but the individual does have to go to a specialized facility nonetheless.

Ultrasound Body Composition Analysis: has the portability and convenience of calipers, and the precision comparable to Hydrostatic Weighing, and DXA Scans. Ultrasound has been used to effectively measure body composition for nearly five decades. It only requires a computer, and an ultrasound probe. It is also inexpensive when compared to DXA and Hydrostatic Weighing.

My gift to you: To celebrate this pandemic coming to an end, I an giving away free Ultrasound Body Composition Tests (a $40.00 value). I'll be using the Bodymetrix System to perform the test. And the test will be performed at THE GYM in Chula Vista.

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