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You suck at bicep curls. Seriously check this out. 

Every single time at the gym without fail, I see people performing bicep curls aggressively, sweating and full of intention to grow the most amazing arms in the universe. Some of these guys already have great arms. Then I start wondering:

“How much bigger would their arms be if they  had good form?”

Sadly I will never find out. I wish they would’ve hired me, or read this article before they did their first curl.

To get started I’m going to show you the most common bad forms when performing this basic exercise. Some of these are a tiny itty bitty exaggerated, although I’ve seen people perform curls this bad (and worse).

  1. The only curved arrow should be white one, which is the motion of the dumbbell. Don’t be like me from the picture below. Don’t do that, just don’t.

The Video below will demonstrate you the 3 sinful and horrifying ways of doing bicep curls, and it will finish with the proper way of doing them.

  1. The Leaner

  2. Leaning into the dumbbell as you lift the weight.

  3. Why This is wrong: When you’re leaning into the weight you decrease the optimal range of motion, you end up doing like a quarter of the curl.

  4. The WTF SRSLY?

  5. I was trying really hard not to laugh while doing this, but yes, people DO perform bicep curls with a hip thrust or whatever the hell you call that.  Hence the perfect name “WTF SRSLY?”

  6. Why this is wrong: Do I really have to clear this up? Its reminds me of a drunk woman trying to chug a 30LB drink.

  7. The Calf Raise??

  8. Sometimes your own ego can get in the way of a perfect bicep curl. That Calf raise, and slight “bend and snap” of your knees help you get the weight up, but doesn’t help you get your biceps bigger.

  9. Why this is wrong: The calf raise and the knee bending is what’s getting you through the “sticking point” of the bicep curl. The sticking point is where the resistance is greater during the movement. It’s generally not acceptable, but its okay to help you  get through the sticking point of the last couple of reps from a brutal arm workout.

Lastly! The Right Way!! *insert angelic voice here*

How to:

  1. Tighten your ENTIRE body and keep it straight. Your ear, hip, and elbow have to stay locked and in line (green arrow).

  2. When performing the bicep curl NEVER let your elbow go beyond the green arrow. Or beyond your hip bone(The orange arrow shows the distance from the pivot point [fulcrum] and the weight) .

  3. NO SWINGING, NO HIP THRUSTING, NO CALF RAISING, NO ELBOWS FLARING OUT, or any other weird shit, unless you want people to think you’re performing your latest interpretative dance piece.

Got it? That’s all I have to say today. Cheers to you and to your bulging hard biceps…if you’re a chick then to your beautiful toned and firm arms.

Tchau!! XOXO

Efren Rodriguez CPT.

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